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Blaster Master Continues!

Blaster Master Home Page: The Legacy Continues

Blaster Master, a game created by Sunsoft for the NES back in 1988 was an instant classic! Since then there has been a Sega sequel, Blaster Master 2, and a very cheap Gameboy sequel, Blaster Master Boy. Here I intend on giving you all the details of this classic series and its prominent future.
Blaster Master: Blasting Again for the PSX and Blaster Master: Enemy Below for the Gameboy Color draw closer to release, more and more information is being leaked out, check back for the latest!

Friday, April 21, 2000
It came out last night! The BMBA screen saver is now here! Special thanks to Chaos Theorem (Formally Seven7) of BMUG for keeping us all updated on the screen savers progress.
This screen saver is truly wonderful. It has a few new shots in it, and some beautiful displays! I was going to screen shot a few of them and post, but no, just download this screen saver. And help spread the word with it too!
Sunsoft of Japan - Here
Blaster Master Home Page - Here
Now that you've seen this great screen saver, here's the bad news. Sources say BMBA's release date is June 6th. So you have another month to go! But BMUG reports that it may be held until July or August. There is something else though..the reasoning behind delaying the release of BMEB, was so it could be released at the same time as BMBA. Yet, they still have different dates.. Oh well. Maybe BMEB was just delayed so it could be sold during the holidays.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Well, today is supposed to be the day BMEB is released, but, things changes, its a fact of life. According to EBWorld, early September is the new release projection. Oye. We are never gonna see this game. EBWorld

Friday, March 31, 2000 
Ok, I am willing to believe that Meta Fight EX(BMEB) has in fact been released in Japan. Games Sages has already got a hold of the 8 stage passwords. Details
The release date for BMEB appears to have been changed to April 19th. Lets hope it sticks this time! Sunsoft's game description of BMEB is posted up at EBWorld, this is how it goes.
"Jason and Sofia are back! Jason is called into battle to destroy a new creature of darkness running loose in the subterranean labyrinths. His decision to reactivate Sofia is inevitable if he hopes to destroy his enemy. With a full range of weapons and 8 unique levels to conquer, Blaster Master brings all the excitement of this classic to Game Boy Color!"

Check the News section for past updates! Details

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